Ready Set Glow 2.0 AM and PM


Our Ready Set Glow 2.0 takes your p.m. regimen to new heights with our G.O.A.T. cream that is customized to your skin’s unique and ever-changing needs. This kit requires an in-office or telehealth visit to determine your custom blend. Glow 2.0!

AM: Fresh AF, Thicc Skinned, FU Solar

PM: G.O.A.T.

This kit contains the following items:
fresh af
1 × Fresh AF, 150 mL - One Time Purchase
thicc skinned
1 × Thicc Skinned, 50 g - One Time Purchase
fu solar
1 × FU SOLAR, 50 g - One Time Purchase
g.o.a.t. cream
1 × G.O.A.T. Cream, 35 g - One Time Purchase
for a bundled price of $480.


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